Slide in your phone - That's it. VR Box makes it easy.

Advancing the popular Google Cardboard design, VR Box™ has become the a best selling head-mounted display by making Virtual-Reality applications, movies, games and more accessible to the masses. Learn more about our affordable VR headsets.

VR Box Example Setup

A new world can be exciting. Comfort means immersion.

With high-quality ABS lenses, adjustable depth / distance and headband, our pressure alleviating design lets you forget about your physical space so you can truly feel like you're in another world. Check out our specifications.

Adjustable headset PD width and depth

Reality is what you make it, and boy are there options.

By using the most popular mobile operating-systems in world to power your VR Box™ you can access a selection of thousands of Virtual-Reality apps, including content popular providers like YouTube and Discovery. Explore and download featured VR apps.

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